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KOCHUThe first brand of Fresh Food Washing Salt - a new product brand with the motto of building and protecting a Green - Clean future life, is the result of the research process and the conscientious enthusiasm of the companies. We always put our whole heart into each product to create the best value for our customers.

Business Discription

The name Kochu is derived from the Korean language, which means Co Tam. This is a character in the fairy tale Tam Cam, with many meanings of humane lifestyle, serving life. KOCHU's products apply new technology, according to export standards, regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration. We combine a balance between traditional experience and modern scientific knowledge: nanotechnology, bio-enzyme technology... to bring the best experience to consumers and especially ABSOLUTELY SAFE for users' health.
Smart way to refresh and cleanse Food for healthier Family from local Salt farms


Why choose


Save time

Help defrost frozen fish meat 2 times faster, keep fresh 3 times, wash away dirt, residues of pesticides 3 times more than normal water


Kill bacteria 99.99%

Remove impurities on food, handle insects, snails, tapeworms that stick to vegetables, wash insect eggs, spider mites; remove preservatives (toxins) remaining on the surface of food


Deodorizing ability

Deodorize and smell fishy meat, Deodorizes Tap water, Deodorizes Heavy Metals, Safely Dehydrates Hard Water, Decontaminates Surfaces.

- Ingredients: Rice Starch, Lemon Powder, Turmeric Starch, Menthol, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Salt, Baking Powder.

- Price: $5.30 ~ 125.000 VND

- User manual:

Product Details


- Product may vary due to natural fermentation.
- Shake well before using.
- Products made from food materials, meeting food hygiene and safety, non-toxic, containing salt, if eaten, will be salty and thirsty, not toys for children.
- Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.


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